BIO cosmetics brands the best of the moment, in my opinion!

After the article that I wrote to you a few days ago, about the change in the BIO sector and the loss of ethics by many cosmetic companies, I thought I would go further into the subject and tell you about the BIO cosmetics brands that have maintained good ethics and that I particularly approve of.

I thought to draw up a personal ranking, including the 4 BIO cosmetics brands that I mostly approve (for product quality, production and commercial ethics and respect for the work of others). This does NOT mean that there are no other lines/products that I like, it simply means that these are the lines that I prefer and with which I am more aligned. There are other good lines, I simply wanted to draw up a ranking to let you know my preferences. Don’t make all the grass a bundle, always try to go deeper. For example, I really like Alga Maris as a solar line, but I didn’t mention it because I use it mainly in the summer.

I already know that those who will not be mentioned in this article will feel somehow “attacked”, however I suggest to every company reading this post to reflect on its path and evaluate (objectively and humbly) how it is really behaving with retailers and end consumers.

Potentilla – cosmetics based on wild plants

Potentilla is a little gem, which I absolutely recommend you to find out why it absolutely deserves attention and greater visibility. Potentilla products are REALLY made with ethics, love and passion and contain high quantities of highly effective plant extracts. Potentilla formulations are made with wild plants, collected in their best botanical moment and wisely mixed to obtain effective and healthy products on the skin. When you try a Potentilla cosmetic, you realize that there is ecobio cosmetics and ecobio cosmetics and this is of the highest level. Although Potentilla is not much talked about, it is a WONDERFUL line in every sense, which I recommend you try and discover.

Domus Olea Toscana – highly effective cosmeceuticals

I have always believed in this line of eco-organic products and I am happy that in these years it has remained faithful to its mission. Domus Olea Toscana means EXCELLENCE in my opinion. The formulations of the products are always innovative and the result of accurate and methodical research. Every Domus Olea Toscana novelty is a novelty that comes from important studies and not by chance, the cosmeceuticals in this line are still among the best that exist in my opinion in the market of eco-organic cosmetics. Domus Olea Toscana is always on the podium for me, in many years it has never disappointed me.

Naturaequa – handmade and ecological cosmetics

Naturaequa is a complete line of products for face, body and hair, which has been able to renew itself over time without ever losing sight of its founding values. The Naturaequa line is excellent because it is one of the few that respects the environment. The packaging of Naturaequa products are made of sugar cane plastic and there is also a fair trade line, which testifies to the commitment of this company to respect the work of others. Luigi, the owner, is a person who is always available to respond to every need and is very attentive to the demands of consumers.

Ethereal – natural cosmetics

Another company that produces excellent products, with excellent formulations and very rich in active ingredients is Eterea. I appreciate Eterea’s mission and the fact that it is loyal to consumers, always offering effective and highly functional products. Eterea’s references best meet the needs of consumers without overshadowing quality. An example is the Lux Lift line that offers light and quickly absorbed references (a feature much sought after in modern eco bio cosmetics) with INCI full of active ingredients that are really effective in the treatment of the skin.

In the next few months also on PrimoBio will be eliminated some companies that in my opinion have completely lost their way. For me it has always been important to resell products that are of good quality, at the same time with the right quality-price ratio towards the consumer. If a product is made of water + very little else and is sold at a high price, it is absolutely not worthy to be promoted on my channels, because I always want to advise you only the best. Just as if a product (even if it is effective) is made by companies that do not respect the work of others, it is impossible for it to remain in our e-shop.

When you make your purchases, give the opportunity to emerge even to lesser known companies and trust my choices: what I propose on PrimoBio is always the result of careful selection (which continues over time, so if over the years a company loses its ethics, it will disappear from sale to the public at least as far as I am concerned).

I hope this article has been useful to you!

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