Anti-fall and hair-breaking hair vials here are the best

In autumn or during periods of greatest stress, hair that breaks or tends to fall can be strengthened with anti-fall hair phials.

Many anti-fall hair phials on the market, however, contain ingredients that can irritate the scalp with frequent use, such as alcohol. In this article I would like to recommend the best natural anti-fall hair phials and also give you some tips to strengthen your hair.


Working in the field of natural cosmetics for many years, I have tried different types of anti-fall hair phials. Many hair phials contain alcohol and synthetic ingredients, so I do not recommend them for constant use. The best anti-fall hair phials are in my opinion these two:

Alkemilla K-HAIR hair ampoules

These hair ampoules are completely natural and do not contain alcohol or parabens. The formulation of both is rich in natural ingredients of two types: microcirculation stimulants (useful to oxygenate the scalp and hair bulb in the best way) and natural strengthening agents (such as vegetable proteins that improve the structure and contrast the hair that breaks).

Kamelì Anti-Fall Vials for hair contain Biotin, Methionine and Calcium Pantothenate, ingredients with a strong strengthening and anti-fall action. They also contain plant stem cells derived from Grape Seeds, which have a restructuring action for the hair and reactivating the microcirculation.

The Alkemilla Anti-Fall Vials for hair are vials that contain a strengthening lotion for the hair and reactivating the microcirculation. They contain Coffee, with an energizing and stimulating action for microcirculation, combined with vegetable proteins that strengthen and restructure the hair shaft. They are cheap vials compared to the average in the sector, but they are really good and effective.

Both these products can be purchased on, e-shop specialized in the sale of natural cosmetics. The shipping costs from are free of charge from 29.90 euros and then you can buy your vials directly without paying the delivery.


In addition to the strengthening hair ampoules, I also recommend you to choose a shampoo with a good restructuring and strengthening action. Here are two that can be beautifully combined with the vials previously recommended, to enhance the result:

Kameli restructuring shampoo

Strengthening shampoo adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss Alkemilla

In addition, a good solution to combat hair loss from the inside is to take a special supplement. There are many on the market, but it is always better to focus on a completely natural product that is more effective because it is rich in beneficial ingredients for the entire body. Here are the hair supplements that I recommend most:

Here are two examples of excellent hair supplements for their strengthening and anti-fall action:

  • Ligne Capil – Ligne de Plantes
  • Beauty Complex – Terra Nova

Both can be purchased from the site, which is an Italian e-shop that sells many natural products and many safe and effective supplements.

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