5 curiosities about ties

The tie is the symbol of elegance par excellence, a fundamental element to distinguish an elegant man.

It brings with it many curiosities that are not known to everyone, here you will find the five most significant and interesting. Try to use hair dryer brush!

The first ties

It was originally worn by soldiers to protect themselves from the cold, during the reign of Louis XIII, when Croatian soldiers enlisted by the King of France wore a knotted scarf around their necks.

Around 1650, the tie was worn around the neck by the court of King Louis XIV. Fashion then spread throughout Europe, it was worn by the rich and the dandy, taking on new styles over the centuries; until the second half of the 19th century, when during the textile revolution introduced by the industrial era, it appeared in a functional way, with a more elongated and narrower shape.

In 1926, Jesse Langsdorf, had the idea of cutting the fabric of the tie diagonally, dividing it into three parts, until today, a period in which millions and millions of people wear it both for work and pleasure.

The day tie

The modern tie was introduced into fashion by Croatian soldiers serving in France who, wearing their traditional small knotted scarves, aroused the interest of Parisians and in particular of Louis XIV of France, who started a new fashion. Since then, ties have gained more and more popularity, reaching year after year all over the globe, so much so that International Tie Day is celebrated in Dublin as well as in Tokyo and Sydney.

Infinite knots

When it comes to wearing a tie you can be very creative, the Swede Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson, mathematician at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, watched a tutorial video on YouTube that teaches how to tie a tie, where the one used by the “Merovingian”, a character from Matrix, was present.

By modifying parameters based on the mathematical rules previously used for nodes, Vejdemo-Johansson arrived at 177,147 possible ways to tie this accessory. He even created an online random node generator based on his mathematical calculations.

The most expensive tie

The most expensive tie in the world is the Suashish tie, created by Studio Satya Paul Design for €189,190. In order to make it a masterpiece, Studio Satya Paul Design has collaborated with the Suashish Diamond Group to create the best tie in terms of luxury and extravagance. It was made of pure silk of the highest quality and embellished with 150 grams of gold and 271 diamonds.

The largest tie

The Croatian fans of the Academia Cravatica, an organization that aims to promote and defend the culture of the tie, in 2003 created the largest tie in the world, sewing together strips of fabric reaching 808 meters in length and 25 meters in width at the widest point, with 8 meters in the narrowest one.

The work for the creation of this record-breaking tie took 5 days for the members of Academia Cravatica, and finally they knotted it around the ancient Roman arena in Pula.

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