In supermarkets or perfumeries there are all kinds. Some shampoos are useful, others hide behind very tempting but often untruthful advertising messages. Here’s how to choose the right product for you without falling into advertising traps, and what ingredients to pay attention to. Make your hair shiny and full bodied,Continue Reading

Ironing is usually seen as a duty rather than a pleasure. For this reason, most people try to limit themselves to ironing only those clothes that really cannot do without them. As with everything, however, knowing the right techniques for efficient ironing can save you time and effort. Furthermore, theContinue Reading

Among the many substances contained in the cosmetics we use every day, there are some criticisms that in some cases should always be avoided. To find out what they are, consult our cosmetics database: we have analysed the ingredients of over a thousand cosmetic products. Almost all cosmetic products onContinue Reading